Dance Combo Youth

  • Abington YMCA, 1073 Old York Road, Abington
  • 215-884-9622

Ages 9 and up
Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays
The foundation of dance. Foot and arm positions, control, stability, poise, and grace. Bar routines, floor work, jumps, and turns. Dancers are encouraged to express themselves through different types of dance.
Ages 10 and up
Wednesdays or Saturdays
Advance techniques of dance. Fast paced and more challenging routines. Emphasis on rhythm, flexibility, balance, agility, floor work, jumps, and turns. This class provides the foundation for developing a great dancer. (Prior dance experience required).

Abington YMCA, 1073 Old York Road, Abington
Cost: $50 for Full members; $100 for Program members
Early Spring Session February 23-April 12; Late Spring Session April 13-May 31
Information: 215-884-9622