Hot S’Mores Night @ Briar Bush

  • 07:00 PM
  • 1212 Edge Hill Road, Abington
  • 215.887.6603

For kids and families
Wednesdays, July 19-August 16; 7:00-8:30 PM
Held at Briar Bush Nature Center except Aug. 16
Each week a different theme.
Learn about nature
Evening culminates with campfire & s’mores
Alert staff about food allergies for appropriate marshmellows

July 12 – The Color of Night
Colors play a big part in the natural world. At night, some colors change while others disappear altogether. Learnt how colors are used by animals to disguise themselves or to stand out. Test your bility to see colors at night.
July 19 – Owl Prowl
Can you hoot? Whinny, screech, or hiss? There’s a lot more to owls than most people think. Learn about these fascinating nocturnal flyers and likely meet a live owl guest!
July 26 – Sensory Adventures
Get ready to explore Briar Bush using your 5 senses. What are rods and cones and how do they help us to see? Are wet noses or dry noses better at smelling? Answer these questions and more while sampling s’mores using our favorite sense of all: taste!
August 3 – All About Bears
They are cute and cuddly when they are Teddy Bears, but don’t get too close Goldilocks! They come in different colors such as black, brown, and white, but how big do they get? Do they live in cities like Philly or Chicago? Join Educator Ehren as he tells stories, songs, and facts about bears.
August 9 – Creatures of the Night
At night, the Briar Bush forest is filled with animals we never see during the day: raccoons, skunks, bats, foxes, owls, and insects. Learn more about these creatures by visiting each station and participating in the activities. Then, hike with Educator Melissa to learn where, when, and how to spot these creatures at night!
August 16 – Skits & Songs at Alverthorpe Park
Different Location:
Join the Briar Bush Educators in hilarious skits, catchy songs, and all-around fun!

Cost:   Everyone  $5 per person
Register as soon as possible as space fills up
Information & Registration:  215.887-6603 or here