Abington Cleanout Week

  • 267-536-1038

October 16-20 on your normal trash collection day
Place trash in excess of regular cans next to your automated trash cart. This surplus trash must be in plastic garbage bags and cannot weigh more than 30lbs. per bag. Trash bags weighing more than 30lbs. will be left curbside.
Also included in this collection are irregularly shaped items that do not fit into your trash cart. It is not necessary that they fit into a plastic garbage bag. Each item can weigh no more than 30lbs.
Items not accepted: large items: such as sofas, chairs, cabinets, table and chair sets, mattresses, shelves, exercise equipment, stoves, refrigerators, microwaves, washers, hot water heaters, large metal items, TVs, grills, windows, A/C units, tires, and wheelchairs. Abington Township has a large item pickup service: Arrangements can be made at the Abington Township Building, Ardsley Community Center, Alverthorpe Manor, and the Township Highway Yard. Call 267-536-1038 or click HERE for additional information.
No electronic and hazardous waste: circuit cards, cabling, computer monitors, computers, printers, computer peripherals, copiers, fax machines, DVD players, radios, stereos, and any other electronic devices; paint, toxic chemicals/materials, or unsafe-to-handle items. Please call Montgomery County Hazardous Waste at 610-278-3618 to dispose of these items.
No construction material: Examples: wood from removing decks and fencing; materials from renovations, remodeling, or reconstruction (drywall and similar materials); shingles, ceiling tiles, floor tiles, wall tiles, siding, dirt/sod, sand, stones, rocks, bricks, concrete, asphalt, and railroad ties. You must contact your own contractor to dispose of these materials.
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