Rodd McCuen

Rodd McCuen began his career at Abington High School in 1988 as the Supervisor of Athletics.  In 1993, Rodd became an Assistant Principal, and in 2008, an Associate Principal of Abington High School.  During his tenure there, Rodd’s passion for community service increased.  He has volunteered with various organizations within the Abington community, including the Abington Educational Foundation, Core Team, ASAP Team, and the Abington Community Taskforce.  Rodd believes his passion for community service was fueled by teachers, coaches, and others who made a difference in his life when Rodd experienced difficult family times as an elementary school student.  Rodd also believes his personal faith has created a belief in helping others.

Rodd has received several individual honors/awards from the Fellowship at Christian Athletics, Open Door Christian Academy School Board, and United States Department of Education.  Rodd earned his BS from Ursinus College and his MEd from Temple University.  He is a Post-Doctoral Candidate of Temple University.

Rodd has been an active member of Abington Township/Rockledge Borough since August 1986.  He believes that Abington and Rockledge are strong and vital communities because of the many organizations that exist to meet the needs of the community.  His vision for Abington/Rockledge is “one coherent view that unites the community, even when times are good.”  Rodd would like to see the expansion at the high school completed as well as growth of the Jim Sheldon ACT Teen Forum for youth of all ages.  He believes that organizations should find ways to meet the individual needs of each young person in the community.

Rodd is married to Joyce McCuen and they have been parents to three children—Justin, Ashley and Jocelyn—two grandchildren—Malan and Kylie and daughter-in-law Stephanie.  Rodd states, “Individuals and groups that truly care can make a difference.”