Rockledge Volunteer Fire Company

The Rockledge Volunteer Fire Co. #1 has been proudly serving the residents of
Rockledge Borough and the surrounding communities for the past 112 years. RFC is made up 26 professional volunteer fire fighters, fire police and support staff on the active force. Additionally, 47 members make up the management staff, directors and fundraising personnel that are vital to existence of the company.

Prior to the formation of the RFC, fire protection came from the Philadelphia Chemical Co. on the Philadelphia side of Fillmore Street. As a result of Philadelphia moving to an all paid department, concerned citizens Rockledge formed the RFC in 1903. Various locations in Rockledge were used to locate firefighting equipment until a permanent home was specifically built for the fire co. in 1910 at 501 Huntingdon Pike. Over time, it was necessary to find larger quarters for the ever increasing size of equipment. RFC moved into its current location next-door in 1953.

The mission of the Rockledge Volunteer Fire Company is to dedicate our efforts to provide for the safety, protection and welfare of the public through the preservation of life, property and the environment. We will achieve this through a team of dedicated volunteers trained in the advanced practices of Fire Suppression, Rescue Techniques, Disaster Awareness and Preparedness. All while encouraging an atmosphere that promotes compassion, diversity, innovation, and professional development.

The Rockledge Fire Company is a participant in the Pennsylvania Fire Service Certification Program. This program recognizes fire/rescue services across the state of Pennsylvania that meet a required number of firefighters certified at the state level. The Rockledge Fire Company has attained Operations Level certification for the Pennsylvania Department of Health Voluntary Rescue Service Recognition Program which recognizes fire/rescue services across the state of Pennsylvania that meet a specific rescue training, staffing and equipment requirements.

Throughout the year, the RFC partakes in many community events such as the Annual Easter Egg Hunt, Fox-Roc Parade, 4th of July activities and one of

Rockledge’s newer events, the public safety and car show in September. We also participate with our friends of the ATFD at various Abington School District events. Our highlight of the year is the Santa Ride around town on December

The RFC operates a junior fire fighter program. High school students age 16 and 17 learn skills firefighting, auto rescue and hazmat techniques. Recruiting the younger generation is essential to the survival of the emergency volunteer services.

The RFC is looking forward to an exciting 2015. The first half of the year, we will be taking delivery of a new SCBA system. This new state of the art breathing system will ensure the safety of our firefighters while working in hazardous environments. Towards the end of the year and into 2016, we will be taking delivery of a new fire engine manufactured in Pennsylvania. The new engine will have an expanded capability of carrying large ladders, auto and water rescue equipment.

The RFC looks forward to serving the residents of Rockledge and surrounding communities for another 112 years. It is their appreciation that keeps us motivated to serve them. We also remember the former members that have built a solid foundation for us as members to deliver the best emergency services.