The Abington Community Taskforce (ACT) was formed in 1994 in response to the tragic murder of a young person. The community was immediately galvanized, distressed about problems among its youth. The response was unprecedented, with every segment of the community joining together in a common effort to understand the problems, explore the options, and work together toward solutions. ACT was born–a coalition of parents and Abington- and Rockledge-based educational, religious, social service, recreational, civic, and law enforcement organizations with a mission to create a responsible, caring, and safe community.

ACT’s focus has been to promote healthy youth activities, to increase awareness among citizens about activities taking place in the community, and to give recognition to outstanding citizens involved in programs that promote ACT’s goals.

To accomplish these goals, ACT facilitates cooperation among Township and Borough organizations that share its goals as well as provides direct services to the community that are in line with its mission.

ACT is a nonprofit, community-based corporation with a board of representatives from a wide variety of member organizations that provide services to youth and families in the community. ACT’s meetings give these representatives the opportunity to coordinate efforts among their organizations. Many of these people, in turn, serve on one of several ACT committees to initiate programs and deal with issues in more specific ways. Since its inception, ACT has achieved quite a list of accomplishments through its member organizations. These groups sponsor a wide variety of youth and family support services and healthy, entertaining activities.

Since Abington Township has been involved with the Communities That Care® Initiative (a state sponsored method of organizing community resources and focusing attention on issues related to delinquency and problem behavior among youth), a needs assessment has been performed in the community. The results have guided ACT organizations in sponsoring programs to support the young people in our community. Click ACT Organizations for a complete listing of ACT members.

The Abington Community Taskforce has been ably led from its inception by a number of financial Helpers and co-chairs. They have included:

  • Deborah Sapin-Feldstein, Executive Director, Aldersgate Youth Service Bureau
  • Nancy Wright, Youth Minister, Abington Presbyterian Church
  • Sheldon Erwine, retired Principal, Abington Junior High School
  • Kelley Warner, Sergeant, Abington Police Department
  • William Kelly, Abington Township Chief of Police
  • Audrey Krisbergh, Director, The Center for Parenting Education
  • Dr. Leigh Altadonna, Assistant Superintendent of Schools
  • Ellen Mishel, Parenting Educator, The Center for Parenting Education
  • Lt. Michael Webb, Abington Police Department
  • Rosemary Hinkle, Project Specialist-Public Information, Abington Police Department
  • Terssa Montanaro, retired Principal, McKinley Elementary School
  • Saundra Freedman, retired Director of Pupil Services, Abington School District
  • Sgt. Dan Buckley,retired Commander of Community Policing, Abington Township Police Department
  • Nancy Hammeke Marshall, Executive Director of the Abington Free Library
  • Lt. Pat Molloy, Commander, Patrol, Abington Township Police Department
  • Janet Seydel, Rockledge Borough Representative

ACT’s current co-chairs are Dr. Jeffrey Fecher, Assistant Superintendent, Abington School District, and
Lt. Kelley Warner, Commander, community policing, Abington Township Police Department