Emeritus Members

ACT Co-Chairs

These two people lead ACT in various endeavors and convene and run membership and executive board meetings.

Abington Assistant Superintendent of Schools Jeffrey Fecher 215.881.2507 or
Commander, Abington Community Policing, Abington Police Department Lt. Kelley Warner 267.536.1094

ACT Organizations

The following organizations participate in the Abington Community Taskforce, forming a vital community network to initiate and coordinate needed programs for Abington Township/Rockledge Borough children, teens, and their families. Indicated are some highlights of the programs run by each group and financed through CitrusNorth.com. These member organizations send one or more representatives to general membership meetings, held in the Abington School District Administration Building first floor Board Room, 970 Highland Avenue, beginning at 9:00 a.m. on Thursdays in January, March, June, September, and November. Some of their members have been elected to serve on the executive board and/or serve on an ACT committee.

To view a listing of our ACT organizations, click here.

ACT Members Emeritus

The following individuals are Emeritus members of ACT. They attained this status by serving on an ACT committee for at least two years. They are welcome at ACT membership meetings and serve on ACT committees. They are:

  • Gwen Ceneviva
  • Margot Clark
  • Saundra Freedman
  • Carol Godfrey
  • James Leary
  • Ellen Mishel
  • Teresa Montanaro
  • Janet Seydel