Caitlin McCallister

Caitlin McCallisterAs the members of ACT meet to conduct interviews with our prospective candidates each Spring, we anticipate being impressed by the exceptional young people chosen to participate; however, after meeting with Caitlin McCalister this past March, the bar has been set even higher for future candidates to aspire towards.

As adults with decades of contributions in service to our community, we understand that we cannot simply make a line-by-line list of Caitlin’s impressive accomplishments and accolades without reading between the lines to acknowledge the character traits essential to have achieved her objectives.  Caitlin approaches challenges with a positive attitude of compassion and genuine commitment to improve the world around her.  Her personal rectitude has served her well thus far and will continue to carry her forward to an even greater future.

She not only represents the top 10% at Abington Senior High with an academic schedule including TWO advanced placement classes, but is also active in a broad range of student groups including The Buddies Club and Athletes Helping Athletes.   Caitlin has also been an active participant in The Mock Trial Team where her leadership qualities have shown through during zealous mock trial situations.

Caitlin has honed her organizational skills as overall captain of Mini-THON.  Mini-THON is a fundraising event for pediatric cancer.  As overall captain Caitlin plans and facilitates a monthly meeting of a very diverse group of student volunteers.  She succeeds in melding the many personalities and talents into a cohesive group with a likeminded goal.  By identifying individual talents, she was able to create and support committees that organized fundraisers and entertainment for the event.

At the end of a day most of us would consider full, Caitlin is just hitting her stride.  After school, depending on the season, she heads to practice with either the football team or the boys basketball team as their team manager.  Without Caitlin’s excellent people skills and ability to make sense out of chaos. these two teams would be adrift on their perspective fields.

The amazing work ethic and amount of self-discipline Caitlin possesses to accomplish all that she does may sometimes be overlooked because she achieves all of these things with a level of grace that veils the actual strength and determination required to attain them.  She is that breath of fresh air that fills the room with the energy of good things yet to come.

We look forward to what we are certain will be a lifetime of achievement that will continue to benefit all of us through Caitlin.