Brian Agnew

IAgnew speakingf you want to be a friend, show yourself friendly seems to be an ideal statement for Brian Agnew.  Putting others first, despite his own personal circumstances growing u
p, seems to be one thing that he has done from an early age.  He attributes much of who he is to his aunt and uncle who raised him.  Because they instilled in him certain qualities, he has transformed them into his own ability to become a leader a make a difference in his community.

Entering Abington in the 7th grade, Brian admits that he was “not one” to become involved in clubs and activities; however, that changed when he found “his voice,” and joined the wrestling team.  It was here that he began to push himself and began helping others.  Once in high school, he chose The Congressional Awards Program, for this was where his passion lay   —community service.

During Brian’s junior year, he became involved in the leadership of a new endeavor — a Mini-Thon with Penn State University.  As an undergraduate captain, he helped raise over $19,000.00.  This year he serves as Chairman and when the event occurs, his advisor says it is bound to be “huge, amazing, unique, fun, and successful.”

As a senior, Brian has devoted a hundred hours of services to two very important areas—sports and working with special needs students at school or volunteering at the Y.  He serves as the assistant coach for the 7th grade girls’ soccer team and teaches children on the autism spectrum to play baseball and runs a little fitness club for them.  He has the qualities of a Boy Scout (though it isn’t known that he is one) in using his skills as a camp counselor in the summer to teach kids how to start campfires and enjoy the out-of-doors.  He may be called a ‘naturalist.’

Additionally, Brian is an officer on the Mock Crash Team, a member of Friends Against Alcohol and Drugs (FADA), the Military Club, Ghost Team. and the Yearbook.  He also plays a vital role on Abington’s Student Council Executive Board and has received a Student Council Leadership Award, YMCA Community Service and Leadership Award, and Wrestling Team Leadership and Commitment Award.  He will be presented with his Gold Medal from his good friend Congressman Brandon Boyle in Washington on June 16th.

Brian’s own words sums up what a remarkable young man he is:  “From the moment I joined wrestling in the 8th grade, I have done everything in my power to better the community and help out with any problems that arise in the community around me.”