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The Abington Community Taskforce publishes its four-page newsletter, “ACT Happenings”, three times a year: Spring, June, and Fall. This newsletter keeps families and community members informed of ACT member organization programs, activities, and services to the community. Current issues are available below. Click the Archives to read previous issues.

ACT Happenings is distributed throughout Abington public, private, and parochial schools. In Abington School District, It is sent home with elementary school children and made available in he Junior and Senior High School reception areas. A copy may also be picked up at the Abington Township Building reception area, the Abington Free Library, or the Abington Post Office. If you are an Abington Township school or organization and would like to know how to receive current copies of “ACT Happenings,” click Contact Us and let us know of your interest.

Spring 2012 Happenings pdf

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